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Working paper

  • Can China’s water resources sustain its energy strategies? Nature Climate Change, Under review
  • The Indecisive Role of Markets in China's Environmental Governance, PNAS
  • Globalization and Climate Change: New Empirical Panel Data Evidence
  • Will sub-national climate initiatives make sense? An investigation in China, Environmental Governance and Policy, R&R.
  • Environmental regulation and polluting firms’ location: Does policy implementation matter?
  • Government transparency and environmental performance
  • Who spent more pollution abatement costs?Does regulatory distance matter?
  • Environmental Regulation, corporate strategies and competitiveness: Testing the Porter Hypothesis in China


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  • Bing ZHANG, Yongjing ZHANG, Beibei LIU. Regulatory uncertainty and corporate pollution control strategies: An empirical study of the “Pay for Permit” policy in the Tai Lake Basin, Environment & Planning C: Government & Policy (Accepted)


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